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Posted 18th Oct

Just had Hive installed. My radiators all have old valves with numbers to turn the heating up and down; For the rooms that I want heated would I need to turn the radiators to the number I want then control on/off via the thermostat/app?
Or is it simply a case of making sure the radiators are on (i.e. at setting 1) and then moving temperature up and down on the thermostat/app?

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Balance system via the individual rads' valves, control the max balanced temp via app. Usually best to fit thermostatic valves to each rad which removes a lot of balance trial&error but may limit max temp for a rad regardless of app setting.
It's probably also worth sitting down and having a good read of the manual that came with the system or downloading a PDF of it from the Hive website.
Hive have their own expensive valves use your current ones as you have always used them
If you’ve only had Hive fitted (ie not a new system) everything should work the exact same way as it did previously, it’s not a different boiler, it’s effectively just a “smart” controller for the temperature.

So if before you had your rads on 5, they should be fine to stay on 5 as Hive has no ability to monitor “dumb” rad thermostats, to implement that wouldn't be cheap plus it’s pointless as the savings achieved by turning off one rad wouldn’t as far as I know, reduce the gas burned as the boiler is still heating the rest of the system?
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