Hive Tado or Salus it500 heating

Found 7th Oct 2014
I'm looking at each of these systems
Hive £200
Tado £250
Salus £130
I want to be able to turn heating on an off remotely and have a wireless thermostat these central heating system do all that and was wondering if anyone ha any experience with any of them? Ease of install am set up is important and quality of equipment.
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I've got the Salus one fitted
No issues at all - quite a cheap looking app but to be honest, it's not much you need from it.
You can set the various timings etc from the phone or from the online app.
There is a wireless thermostat, and the wireless reciever part that goes into the router direcly.
The actual web part for the phone/online is hosted by Salus and not yourself.

You can also override the plans by turning it on/off and I think they also do dual zones too.
Not much more I can say about it really
I have the Tado systems which I rented on special offer, £40 for 12 months, not had much chance to test it to be honest but seems pretty straight forward. Am too tight to pay for installation so did it myself, not electrically minded but the helpline was superb and cannot falt their after sales service so far. Had it up and running within an hour with their help.

Already had a wireless system so just had to replace one receiver for another, insert the the other wireless control into my router, set it up and Bob's your uncle.

Can control my heating from my phone ot the internet. Have just now set it for presence detection, will see if that works when I get home
from work.

I concur with previous poster ref Salus. very happy with it, though I find the app is more intuitive to use than the thermostat itself.

Had a few issues early on when I had to reset the wireless connector (simple off/on) as we only received a "not available" response when trying to turn system on via the app. Have sinced changed my broadband provider (from Sky) & not had a similar difficulty (may be coincidental

Not sure about other systems but you give your system a nickname on Salus and so can operate more than one system from the app (we have 2 households so important for us).

Salus monitors room temp and will override any presets to ensure minimum temperature of 6 degrees thus preventing freezing.
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