hiya any one who no's any thiong about tv's which is the better tv

    hi guys thanks for taking the time to help,

    which is the best tv


    you get a free stand with the sony so i would have to buy one for the samsung but im looking for the best quality for freeview / xbox360

    please help


    Both very similar Tv's in terms of specification, slight difference in connectivity options eg. 2 hdmi ports on the sony, 3 on the samsung.

    As I have a bravia myself, I'll recommend the sony. Plus the interface of the freeview is very nice. Allowing you to look forward to next week's tv and mark programs so that it automatically changes the channel when the program starts or even turn's on the tv if it is on standby. Clever thing lol
    Saying that, I haven't experienced the Samsung and it too could have the same features.

    For me I would say the Samsung. Everyone has there own preference when it comes to this though. When I was buying almost every place I went to said the Samsung. From what I here they make the screens for Sony.

    If you were paying an extra £5 you can get the Samsung with a 5 year warranty. You could even go into a Richer Sounds if you have one close by and they will price match it for you plus give you your £5 back.


    I would have to say the Samsung. I have this tv but in the 32'' and probably my best buy every. The picture quality is beautiful and it has a fantastic menu with great picture and sound settings. I use mine for both as a tv and pc monitor. Never had any problems but if you do Samsungs Customer Service are amazing.

    Its YOUR choice - with these 2 top makes you will probably find a 50/50 split - go look in comet (ignore the prices) and see them side to side etc
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