HL2...CSS...L4D...TF2,,,and CSS players ( PC ) using Nvidia

    If you use any of the above games with a Nvidia graphics card go to Nvidia and download the ltaest driver,The new driver has been optimised for the HL2 engine and gives quite a big improvement in FPS especially if you are runnng AA,I only posted this because so many people have bought this game in the past few weeks from here and may be running old drivers,I have an 8800gt and with the new drivers i can now run 16XCSAA with no slow down at all and the game looks gorgeous,…-uk


    Finally, all games based on the Half Life engine have had major compatiblity problems with my 8800GTX.

    I also have a 8800GTX, thanks for letting us know

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    Let me know if you see an improvement
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