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Found 6th Dec 2013
ive just placed my 1st home delivery order with h&m. Instead of allowing me to pay its saying about an invoice? A
ny help reg this much appreciated
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Think on h am m there should be a drop down box saying pay with card or u could just do a statement then pay it all off ? Hope this helps x
Hope you do no want it before Christmas, these are the worst company I have ever used for delivery times, averaging four to six weeks for every order I have placed with them. Think they send the individual orders to India to made on a per order basis!!
ordered a few pairs of shoes. says delivery for 13th December. When do I pay?
This is what happened to me too. Just wait for the invoice and then pay online. There is no function to pay until then. The invoice will arrive about two weeks after you receive the goods.

Btw: I have found the H&M stuff to be rubbish and now avoid them like the plague.
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H&M isn't great for delivery but with constant £5 off and 25% codes it's worth it. I disagree that H&M stuff is rubbish, it's always been perfect - obviously depending on your taste etc.
Absolute crappy way to do business. I inadvertently signed up for this and can't pay it off until they send me out an invoice.

£7 per payment reminder letter
£12 payment default

25% APR.

I'll be phoning to close this credit account
Customer Service on 0844 736 9000 or e-mail us on customerservice.uk@hm.com

had no idea it was like this. I did use discount codes although I cant be bothered waiting to pay. bit gutted bout that. so strange that a company sends things with no money?

thanks for the info ppl
Ring up CS and pay by card over the phone. Happened to me b4 2
I think next and very do similar things to this when making a new account
You don't HAVE to have a credit account, there is a pay by card option from the outset, nothing like Next who try to open a credit account for you from the outset.
You can cancel your order online, then place the same order again and select to pay by card. (or do it the other way round if you are concerned about vouchers etc not working again.

I had the exact same thing about two weeks ago ordering a coat. I cancelled and reordered, paid by card - which they charge when they dispatch your items, and it arrived by courier within the week. I also got emailed andntexted a tracking number when they dispatched.

Its a great coat, it arrived quickly and in great condition, great price after sale and vouchers, and great communication throughout. Couldnt be happier. Good luck!
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