Hmmm im just wondering

    About all the free stuff :oops:

    Does most of it actually arrive?
    Some of the things ive ordered (like 2 weeks ago) have said theyll be here quicker than i can blink, but im still waiting

    All ive got so far is britneys perfume, some pantene shampoo, some face cream, 2 vodaphone sims and i think thats it.

    I wait everyday for the post (cos if i missed it my neigbours wouldnt take it in!) but nothings arriving

    Most of the stuff ive ordered says within 28 days, but to be honest i didnt think it would take that long.

    Im not whinging about it bcos its free, but saying that weve had to fill in our details (our time)

    Do you think some of these companys are just tricking us to get our address and details :cry:

    Ive literally ordered loads, baileys glasses and frother, condoms (LOL!cummon they were free!) hair bobbles, endless shampoo things, "womens" applications (nice way to put it) but nothing oh and the puppy pack - and ive never requested these things before...

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    I think it's luck of the draw Joshanna...I've some that have never arrived..I guess they set a limit and it's a case of whether you're inside that limit when you apply..of course when it appears on HUKD then it results in a surge of applications.
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