Hmmm, made an error!

    Feel a tad :oops: :oops: :oops:

    I pay my bills via and it seems the drop down box of payments changed back to south west water and I carried on.

    Have sent them a payment of £278.00. This was for another bill.

    I have e-mailed them as waiting on the phone for 20 mins listening to Tom Jones on repeat got boring. I've asked if they can send the payment back and I'm happy to incur admin costs.

    Anyone done this kind of thing before? What do you think the water company will do? I don't really want £278 credit with them as my quarterly bill is around £70!!



    You shouldn't have a problem getting a refund grdesign...and don't pay any admin you think they'd pay you an admin charge if they made an way.

    I would have thought you'd be better off on a water meter..or are you??

    Original Poster

    I am, i just don't pay direct debit as I had problems before with them.

    Hopefully they can just refund it.
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