hmrc text?

    as anyone ever received a text of hmrc saying they owe you money? just recieved one saying that they owe me £262 pound and follow the link? dunno if dodgy or real? thanks


    its a scam, they would not txt you, i had one a few months ago, i know for a fact they do not owe me any mony, and they do not have my mobile number

    I had a letter saying I had a tax refund. so don't click it. they would send you a letter not a text

    its a scam. hmrc will write to you. You can check on the website if you follow the instuctions. i knew i was due money and checked online then had a letter from hmrc confirming it.

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    thanks for that guys

    It's always £262 as well - just random enough that it seems legitimate, just enough that you don't want to question it and not too much so it doesn't seem implausible.

    Haha funny that, I got told the same on many times X)

    It's fake, delete em.

    Common sense failure again...

    Click here to see if they really do owe you.


    yea a scam and often says, text leave to stop receiving texts etx

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