HMV - anyone had problems with deliveries?

    Not sure if this is the place that I am supposed to post this... if not, I'm sorry

    I ordered a DVD set with HMV on the 12th December for Christmas. Despite them promising delivery within a week, I had to wait 21 days before I could claim a missing item.

    So I claimed the missing item. I was told that the item would be refunded to my account and then recharged.

    I received a number of emails from them, one of which says, that they've reordered it but unfortunately it's out of stock.

    Checking my account today, I find that they have charged my card, not one more time, but two more times.... and refunded only once.

    So I have paid 3 times for an item that hasn't been received, and been refunded once. What they hell are they doing at HMV, what kind of idiots do they employ?

    To top it off, why are they charging my account, when they claim that the item is out of stock? Clearly they're just not happy with ruining someone's Christmas.

    Does anyone know how to contact their complaints department?, rather than their "online" email support, which they don't respond to.



    I ordered a ds accesories pack from ebuyer on 8 dec, still not received by 21st so i emailed them and they said they would have to issue a refund as the item had been dis continued, received refund a few days later.

    Then on monday, postie knocks my door with said parcel, so got it for free in the end as royal mail will have to pay ebuyer for losing said parcel.

    I will of cause send ebuyer an email later offering to re-pay for the item,............... Honest

    I ordered a CD for the missus for christmas, took 12 days to arrive. When I opened it out popped a DVD that was nowhere near what I ordered in the first place.


    HMV 020 7432 2222 Online orders Also 020 74671109 (Option 2)

    Hope this helps

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    HMV 020 7432 2222 Online orders Also 020 74671109 (Option 2)Hope this … HMV 020 7432 2222 Online orders Also 020 74671109 (Option 2)Hope this helps

    Cheers! I will give them a call. Rep added

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