HMV - Blu-ray Madness

    Noticed an ad in the Metro today from HMV promoting a new BOGOF instore offer on Blu-rays, titles including Monsters Inc.

    I thought, great, usually about £20 in HMV, £10 a pop for Monsters Inc and something else isnt bad.

    Wander in there to take a look.....and what do i see? Every single title in the BOGOF offer whacked up at £30 each! I was amazed. I've seen this kinda thing many times before, but not so bluntly. Monsters Inc for example is only £11.99 on their own website.

    Really makes me lose faith in the high street, they're not doing themselves any favours in this 'current climate'.


    Happens every christmas when Disney decide that its BOGOF time on DVD's.

    Normally can pick up them up for £5, then all of a sudden its BOGOF and its £15 each.

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    This wasn't just Disney though, other titles like The Dark Knight were in the offer too.


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    Now that certainly IS Madness.

    Yeah I popped in as well to my local HMV, saw the BOGOF deal and thought great, till I turned them over and saw the £30 label! They had 300 in this as well which I picked up for £9.99 last week.

    That's disgusting!
    And I LOATHE that HMV won't let you use their gift vouchers online, so if you are unlucky enough to end up with a gift voucher then you are forced to pay their stupid store prices! :x

    I had a £30 voucher and 2 DVD's that would have cost £25 online cost me about £38 :w00t:

    Sometimes you can pick up bargains in store; like the Planet of the Apes box set for £7 (6.30 with student discount), and the other day i got Verve Unmixed Vol. 1 and 3 for £3 each in store, they are £8 online and not in stock either. It costs more money to run a high street store than an online outlet- can you really blame them for trying to increase profits?
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