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    Hi, forgive me if this is in the wrong section.

    I am a member of the hmv rewards scheme and am currently collecting points. If anyone shops in hmv and has a recent valid receipt, say within the last month. Perhaps your planning to purchase something in their in the future? I would love to claim the points.

    Basically I would need the following information:

    Receipt ID: found at the top right of receipt
    Date of purchase: found at the bottom of receipt
    Total amount spent

    I do not need to know payment method or what was purchased, just these three simple pieces of information. If you can help I would be really appreciative!!!


    P M sent

    Got my dad a blu ray for £15.99 the other day so will hunt the receipt down and pm you the details you need

    Original Poster

    thank you guys!

    lol cheeky OP, what you looking to get with the points?

    Original Poster

    been saving up, missed out getting some Jason Manford tickets recently so was gutted!!


    If anybody can help me out that would be great also...

    I only need the long card number, Start and Expire date and 3 digits at back of card. Only these things, cheers guys

    i requested this a wehile ago and the mods shut the post down.... =(

    Ham82 - have sent you the details via pm

    If i had any receipts you know id give you them lol.
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