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Found 13th Feb 2011
Wanted to get a present for the Mrs tomorrow, but stupidly forgot to order it, oops. Do HMV generally have all their online stock instore too? It's the Sheffield store so a decent size.

I can get it between lectures and give it to her later on. If not, it's order online and she can have the receipt until it turns up haha!

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Yeah but probably cost you more.
I'm at the sheffield branch before work i can take a look for you and post on here if its in stock, if you let me know what it is obviously
I'd take the beating like a man !
Cheers, it's only a CD so shouldn't be too much difference hopefully! Thanks a lot for the extremely rapid reply though!
If you could it would be great, it's Admiral Fallow's CD, Boots Met My Face. Really appreciate it if you could!
will take a look, never heard of them mind

take the beating like a man !

Thank you very much! They're a small Scottish Band. Playing in Sheffield in a few weeks actually, but they've been taken off spotify and she's been wanting the CD so it's a perfect present!
ring them and ask them to save it if they have it would be the smart way to do it

but then......
So they had no stock, so I'll take the beating! Got it on order though so bought some little bits and will blame the post for the cd!
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