HMV, NUS Discount?

    Has anyone used the HMV website recently using NUS discount? I have been trying to order the last couple of days but get the message 'There has been a problem processing this request' when i enter my NUS number


    I think you have to go instore and sign up for a HMV Student Card


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    Ah looks like that would be the problem! Cheers!

    You don't have to sign up for that I don't think? WHere are you entering your NUS number?

    You don't enter if in the promotion box, you have to go into your account details and enter your number in there, and the 10% automatically comes off for each order.

    It will show the 10% off as soon as you add to basket.

    Didn't know you could get one for hmv, and i use it regularly, will get one tomorrow.
    Thanks guys!
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