Found 30th Aug 2009
Hi I was wondering what happend to the post for the Play and Charge kit from HMV that was £4.99. It was on here a couple of days ago but I cant seem to find it. I did buy one and wondered if anyone has recieved theirs yet?



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oh cheers,

it doesnt look good

I wrote an emaill explaining that they had put them on sale for £4.99 then told me they had non in stock and put them back out for £13.99 I told them this has happened to me before (which it has) and that I was considering going to trading standards to report them for false advertising.

Lo and behold they are sending me one for £4.99

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Right I'll get straight onto them, Thanks for that have some rep+

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This sucks, I just tried speaking to HMV and the woman said she had to speak to her supervisor, when she came back she said that the item has been discontinued and that the website will be updated shortly that they no longer sell them. I'm not going to cancel my order yet, and if in a couple of days they are still selling them for full price i'll try and call them again.

Should have just sent them and email or should have asked them why they have any in at full price at all if they dont have any in stock to sell one to you at the price they advertiised, also, to say that they have discontinued making them is complete and utter rubbish. They have just read back to you what it says on the order.

I just had an order shipped after they amended the order. still the same price, we'll see what comes in the post I guess..

They shouldnt be allowed to get away with it.

Yeah I wonder what they will send :lol

Product Details Item Status Date Format Price(£) Quantity Total(£) Edit Item
Xbox 360 Accessory - [SIZE="3"]Official Play & Charge Kit Completely shipped[/SIZE] Shipped Date - 03/09/2009 1 4.99
Xbox 360 Accessory - [SIZE="3"]Official Play & Charge Kit Order line cancelled.[/SIZE] Unable to source item from supplier 1 4.99
Playstation 3 Game - Ridge Racer 7 Completely shipped Shipped Date - 03/09/2009 GAMES 4.99 1 4.99
Sub Total £14.97
Shipping £0.00
[SIZE="5"]Total amount payable £9.98[/SIZE]

It is a bit confuzzled but hey, at least they have put something in the post!!! Will let you know what if anything arrives in the post over the next few days!


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Just had my order sent to me too.....after a really ****** email to them


hey everybody i recieved my play and charge kit today and its the white one and its the official microsoft product anyway i hope everyone who orderd recieved thers

TBH would not be a disaster if they were not the official ones, as some of those are terrible. I have quite a few and they are so hit n miss with problems from dodgy batts to iffy cables, certain batts not charging in certain controllers, 360 insisting they are fully charged when they are not.

Hi got mine today and its an OFFICIAL Xbox 360 Play and charge kit!!:thumbsup:

(White colour though - a bit of a clash with my black controller but cheap enough to ignore!)

They agreed to my order at £4.99 after sending me an email saying they were sourcing them elsewhere. Supposedly posted middle of last week but no sign of it as yet.

I ordered two, got one yesterday and received an email today saying they sent out the second one. Had to chase them up a little for both of them. Dont know why they would charge the orders seperately and send them out seperately.

Got mine today, I ordered two but they sent me three!


Got mine today, I ordered two but they sent me three!

I ordered 2 and got 1 .. Give it back ;-)

ordered 3 got them the other day :thumbsup:
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