HMV Playstation 3 Bundle

    Hello all !

    Just wondering if anyone knew of any decent HMV playstation 3 bundles going around at the moment ?? Or do they differ store-by-store ?? If i remember correctly, they were once doing a bundle with a remote, games and blu-ray movie??

    Any help much appreciated!


    (My first post!). Most stores have a managers special. In the main Edinburgh store for example, it was the PS3, FIFA 09, a blu-ray movie and 2 controllers for £299 (if memory serves me right!). They had another 5 or 6 bundles on offer, pretty similar to all the other high street offers.

    I went to a different Edinburgh store on the 2nd Jan and got the 80Gb PS3, hdmi cable, Dark Knight on blu-ray, Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet for £299. I thought I would chance my arm and asked if they would chuck in a blu-ray remote too and they did! I was very happy needless to say.

    Another plus point was that HMV said they were happy for me to swap the games in the bundle deals which Game, Gamestation and Currys all refused to do. I'd say go into HMV and haggle a little. You may get a bargain!


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    cheers mate! i'l go into one of the stores and see what i can get outta them!

    rep added!:thumbsup:

    Thank you! And good luck!

    I've not found my local HMV stores (Milton K & Luton) as willing to mix 'n' match the bundles.

    In each of the stores, they are offering PS3 (80), Batman, Remote, Fifa and Motorstorm.

    I'm not into football and so asked for COD5 instead of FIFA. First bloke said categorially, "No", but did suggest i bought the bundle and traded FIFA right away and then buy COD. Second guy (really nice) agreed to let me have COD if i paid the difference, £3. (no chance of a free HDMI) I agreed, but they didnt have a remote in stock. (arrhh)

    I phoned Luton to check the stock and asked on the phone if they could honor the deal. Flat "no".

    I just thought considering the big money involved here (£300 is big money!) that they would be a little more flexible. Anyway, might go bk to MK on sat or visit the 'rents down in london and try my hand there.

    Great deal though, GAME's bundles are laughable in comparison.
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