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    Has anybody had any experience with HMV and can tell me if they send out games and dvds so you get them on day of release?


    I preordered Gears of War back in Sept, but earlier this week remembered how shocked I have been by the delivery turnaround from HMV on literally everything I've ever ordered. As such I've now cancelled my order and gone with PCWorld who have been damn impressive recently - I reckon there's actually a 50% chance it will arrive on the day of release.

    There are many lesser known sites though that are on great form at the moment and are shipping as soon as titles arrive in stock. I suspect a few HUKD members will be able to point you in the right direction.

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    That's exactly what I've ordered from HMV and I'm thinking about cancelling it and ordering from Gameplay. I just hope I'm not too late as they might have run out of stock.

    At least I have someone to share sob stories with on Friday as we listen in envy to the lucky HUKD members chainsawing their victims all weekend

    If mine doesn't arrive on Fri then it'll be Tuesday at the earliest before I get to play as I always use my work delivery address - Simply because there's nothing quite as painful as sitting at your desk all day wondering whether it's sat at home waiting for you.

    HMV - preordered Saints Row like 3 weeks before it came out and received it on the monday after its release (3 days) which wasn't bad

    Gameplay - preordered Call of Duty 3, Pro Evo 6 and Call of Duty 3 came to me 2 days before release and Pro Evo 6 came 1 day before release, GAMEPLAY BEST PLACE TO GET GAMES BEFORE RELEASE DATE!!!! (only if you get the 0.99p 1st class delivery)

    i also preordered Gears of War from HMV, it will probably come by Monday

    I had two new released delivered today which i was very impressed by , one dvd and one cd

    Got one from amazon two and another from play so well impressed by those 3 shame you have to wait a week for anything after release from cdwow tho

    I've pre-ordered Pirates of the Caribbean 2 from HMV (release date 20th Nov.) I just got an e-mail a couple of hours ago saying that it had been shipped. This bemused me slightly. The last thing I ordered from HMV took about 4 days to arrive, so if they have dispatched my DVD, then I should get it around Friday. That's the 17th. Three days before the release. ?????

    There's a discount code out at the moment for Gameplay, and they are by far the best company for game pre-orders. They normally deliver the day before release, at worst the day of release.
    HMV have been cheaper than most places recently, but their postage can be slow and there's no guarantee items will be sent any earlier than the release date.

    HMV for me, out of 3 orders have taken ages to deliver. Longest being 2 weeks for a game, shorted being about 10 days. These were all in stock and out in the UK. So why it takes them that long to put it in a jiffy bag is beyond me. However, I only order when they giving a decent discount, and then go through Quidco.

    I ordered a couple of dvds the other week, both in stock, and in the UK.
    One, was posted within 24 hours, was pleased, week later still waiting for the 2nd to be posted, so i cancelled it.
    But, its the first issue ive really had with HMV.

    A bit off subject but i have been waiting for a gba game and a psp case which i ordered over 4 weeks ago and still havent recieved them yet.

    I have phoned and emailed them and they have told me that they are on special order straight from the supplier!!

    If they havent got it in stock they shouldnt be able to sell it in the 1st place.

    I know i can cancell the order but i used a discount code so got the best price i could find.

    Its my daughters birthday next week and the gba game is for her b/day so might have to cancell.

    When i do recieve items i shall write them a very nasty letter to say how p***ed off i am.
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