HMV PS3 deals at the mo?

    Does anyone know what the deals are with regards to HMV store bundles, cant seem to find them on the web. Apparently they are really good but they are now closed and i have none near me to just pop in, but would drive to get one if they are good enough. I think they do about ten packages

    Any info would be great.

    If not ill have to phone around in the morning! :-(



    Looks like there are better deals elsewhere?…tml

    if hmvs games dont cut it, then these combos might be better

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    i know the ones online are there but in store they have 10 packages where you choose games and get the blu ray remote free etc. I just thought someone might work there to shed some light on the packages and cost etc.

    aaah id love to know as well! might be going to MK so will let you know

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    aaah id love to know as well! might be going to MK so will let you know

    cheers if you could thatll be great,

    I responded to a similar question here: ]http//ww…le/

    I think if you go in store and haggle a little, you might get a good deal like I did. I would definitely go to HMV if I was wanting a console just now.
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