HMV - really gone down hill...........

    I've been a fan of HMV for a good number of years now, the old store in Liverpool used to have a really good selection of music, and I'd always come away with a couple of cds when I popped in.

    However, yesterday I went into town to spend the HMV vouchers I received over the Xmas period and I've got to say that their stores have really deteriorated. Not only was their selection of music appalling(!) but all their items could be found elsewhere for a lot cheaper. Liverpool now has two HMV stores and they are both crap. Unless you just want a 'best of' cd you can almost guarantee they wont have the cd you want.

    Such a shame for a store to fall from a master of one trade to a jack of all.

    Anybody else found this to be the same or is it just me?

    NB...shame you cant use the vouchers on their online store......

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    HMV instore have had worse prices than HMV online for years, really annoying when you have instore vouchers!
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