HMV student card still works for online sales

    My HMV student card has expired at the end of September and HMV have stopped doing the cards this year.

    But I attatched my HMV student card number to my online account a while ago and I can still get the 10% discount on DVD's and games

    May be useful for people who still have their cards.


    whats your number? lol

    funny, mine worked for a while but then stopped... HMV aren't exactly the cheapest store on-line though

    Edit: Just tried it again and its working again....

    yeah mines still working fine

    Did not know they had stopped doing this year - anyone know why?

    Pushing their HMV Pure rewards scheme was what I was told

    Original Poster

    Yeah pushing this Pure thing.

    HMV can do rubbish online prices but there is an occational bargain to be had. Saved a fair amount this week doing my christmas shopping from work

    Thats Fraud!! Im ringing the coppers

    Original Poster

    Go on Jed. Technically I haven't been a student for 2009 either so let them know that too
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