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    To any students out there, went into HMV last week to find they don't accept NUS cards anymore! Normally it wouldn't have been a problem as I have the HMV student card but I was told the week before that I no longer needed it, and that they accepted the NUS card.

    When I got the the till the guy told me that they are now no longer affiliated with NUS and I had to have the HMV card to get the discount. When I explained the situation (and showed him my NUS & student cards) he said I still couldn't get the discount. They didn't even have spares or a temporary one behind the till. Said it had happened 3 days before and I'd have to go and get my HMV card.

    Not a huge issue, but thought it would be handy for people to know to keep their cards in their wallets from now on, I will be!

    On the plus side, I told him to stick the dvd's and went home and found one of them for £5 cheaper on the HMV website (plus the student discount )!!!


    Most of the stuff at HMV seems to be cheaper on their website - often much cheaper - and postage is free!

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    I've noticed that too. I do tend to buy online but the prices seemed reasonable at the time i.e. Simpsons movie for about £5 etc. Its a novelty to go into the shops these days but I'm not sure I'll bother in future!

    Just use the matriculation card the College/Universtiy give you that you need for exams.
    I was never refused it.
    But then NUS is pretty non-existant in Glasgow since they're a load of rubbish tbh.

    Anyway buy it on HMV online, cheaper on their website, and you get 10% Discount + 9% Quidco (5% on games).
    Saves a total fortune.

    I lost my student card so went in and they said they only get the HMV ones at the beginning of the year and after that you cant get them

    Hmmm well its April now, so they might not be giving any more out as the Students are all finishing next month.

    Gonna be a wait till August then i think.

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    Just with your normal uni card. Basically they will take any form of uni card as proof but will only accept their own card now to get the discount.

    It only affected me because I was told in one store that they were scrapping their cards and using the NUS ones, then a week later it was the opposite!

    EDIT: Took me a while to reply, above was to dcx

    HMV cards don't run out I think so they'll still be dishing them out, they just don't seem to produce many!


    HMV cards don't run out I think so they'll still be dishing them out, … HMV cards don't run out I think so they'll still be dishing them out, they just don't seem to produce many!

    They change the design each year and dont allow the previous ones
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