HMV Voucher query

    Hi all, i had a £15 HMV e-voucher. I ordered 3 dvds, total £20.97 minus the £15 = £5.97

    I have recieved 2 of the dvds but the third says 'Item deleted - we are trying to obtain this item from alternate sources'

    I ordered these over a month ago and dont see much chance of getting it now.

    Anyway my question is if i cancel this order now, will the value of this dvd (£9.99) go back into my e-wallet so i can put it towards something else?
    As far as i can tell my card hasnt been charged for the other 2 dvds yet so they surely wouldnt refund it to my card. I'd rather have it in my e-wallet anyway but does anyone know for sure?

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    I think that's one you're going to have to ask them about. I thought they debited your account for each item as and when they are dispatched.
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