HMV website problems

Found 15th Aug 2008
Is it just me or is the HMV website down?

can get onto any other website no probs, just not HMV...

I WANT HD DISCS!!!!! grrrr
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Fine for me - I was using Internet explorer
Working fine here.... Firefox
was on it earlier and just now and def fine here.
this happened the other night as well, was only for like 20 mins i think.
fine ;here using IE 8
thanks for the replys...

IE7 here, zonealarm fine, avg 8 fine, i did update to spybot S&D 1.6 the other day, but thats not loaded up...

Fine here (firefox) ]http//hm….do
not working 4 me
Wasn't working for me.

I'm on tiscali, I thought it could be a problem with the dns server so I changed it over in my connection settings to use OpenDNS and now its working again.

I used the following ip addresses for my dns server in the tcp/ip settings.

Tiscali need to update their dns by the looks of things.

Hope that helps.

anyone having probs with there Reward games card? telling me to register a new 1 :? ive got £55 on it as well :x
I´ve had problems too lately..Not always though.
Site times out...and I know it´s not me cuz every other site loads fine.
Usually works again after a few minutes but it´s still nerving
I have the same problem- have tried IE7 and Firefox, both to no avail!
i cant get onto it either . im using internet explorer in the uk
I've also been having problems - both yesterday and tonight - I'm not able to get through to the HMV website. I'm also with Tiscali - so this could be the problem.:x
I haven't been able to access it for days - and I'm on Tiscali too. Everywhere else is fine.
For those on Tiscali having problems, for me as posted earlier, it is a dns issue.

Basically dns stands for domain name server. The role of this server is to resolve urls eg. [url][/url] to a IP address.

The default tiscali dns server seems to be out of date or have some other issue, either way if you want to visit hmv in now, rather than when tiscali get round to sorting out their dns server, your going to want to change your dns settings to something that works.

You can use an alternate dns server like OpenDNS (which is free) so when you type [url][/url] into your internet browser, it doesn't ask the problematic tiscali server to resolve your request, but instead asks OpenDNS or any other dns server you have specified in your internet connection settings.

To change the settings over you can use this guide on the OpenDNS website.

]DNS Configuration Guide

Hope that helps.
still not working 4 me im gettin fed up with it now im with tiscali aswell
Playing up for the last two days with me too. I'm on Talktalk and using Firefox but working fine with Avant browser! :?
it says the ip address is invalid

For those on Tiscali having problems, for me as posted earlier, it is a … For those on Tiscali having problems, for me as posted earlier, it is a dns issue.To change the settings over you can use this guide on the OpenDNS website.]DNS Configuration GuideHope that helps.

Changed as described but I still can't ping - timeout.

I'm on Pipex and Vista, unchecked IP6 and altered IP4 settings to OPenDNS servers.
"You're using OpenDNS. Thanks! You are now navigating the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliably than ever before. " message from OpenDNS home page suggests I've done it right.

Ping is showing their IP as, is that correct?

edit: changed the router to OpenDNS too, HMV now working.
thanks mines working fine now cheers guys
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