Hoax warning!

    Hoax warnings don't usually scare me, but this one is really important...

    Please send this to everyone in your email list.

    If someone comes to your front door and says they are conducting a survey and then asks you to show them your bum, DO NOT show them your bum.

    This is a scam; they just want to see your bum.

    I wish I'd got this yesterday I feel so stupid and cheap


    My **** is on holiday at the moment would a photo of him do?



    "I feel so stupid and cheap"

    Well, that is no great surprise! So would I if I thought .....:oops:



    What a waste of time! :whistling:

    You also left the bad language...

    This is outrageous! Crude 'body' jokes shouldn't be allowed here. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do a poo. Wonder which one it will be (apols for cross posting, I've only got this one joke - and I plagiarised it :oops:):


    Ghost Poo:
    You know you've pooed. There's poo on the toilet paper, but not in the
    toilet. Where is it?

    Teflon Poo:
    So slick and easy you don't even feel it. No trace of poo on the
    toilet paper. You have to look in the toilet to be sure you did it.

    Goo Poo:
    This has the consistency of hot tar. You wipe twelve times and you
    still don't come clean. You end up putting toilet paper in your
    underwear so you don't soil it. Permanent skid marks are left in the

    Second Thoughts Poo:
    You're all done wiping and about to stand up when you realise...
    there's more to come.

    Pop a Vein in Your Forehead Poo:
    This is the kind of poo that killed Elvis. It doesn't want to come out
    until you're all sweaty, trembling, and purple from straining so hard.

    Weight Watchers Poo:
    You poo so much you lose several pounds.

    Right Now Poo:
    You'd better be within thirty seconds of a toilet. You burn rubber to
    get there and it usually gets its head out before you can get your
    pants down.

    King Kong Poo:
    This one is so big you think it won't go down the toilet unless you
    break it into smaller chunks. A wire coat hanger usually works well.
    This kind of poo usually happens when you're at someone else's house.

    Cork Poo:
    Also known as "floaters." Even after the third flush it's still there,
    floating in the bowl. My God! How do I get rid of it?

    Wet Cheeks Poo:
    This poo hits the water sideways and makes a bigger splash than the
    launching of the QE2, soaking your starfish.

    Wish Poo:
    You sit there all cramped up and fart a few times, but no poo.

    Cement Block Poo:
    You wish you'd got a spinal block before you pooed.

    Snake Poo:
    This poo is fairly soft, about as thick as your thumb and at least
    three feet long.

    Morning After Poo:
    Happens the day after the night before. Normally your poo doesn't
    smell that bad, but THIS one... Usually you're at someone else's house
    (normally a girl you're trying to impress) and they're waiting outside
    to use the bathroom.

    Mexican Food Poo:
    Also called "screamers." You know it's safe to eat again when your bum
    stops burning.

    Boo Hoo Poo:
    Makes you cry with pain and wonder whether your should risk the
    stitches or go for the fuller figure.

    Didn't we see that one on the other thread as well....?

    Original Poster

    I'm not sure I like the word "bum" in my post...l think I prefer the original term for "buttocks"!! LOL!

    Original Poster


    Is this the "joke" that someone expired/spammed? Didn't make me LOL, but … Is this the "joke" that someone expired/spammed? Didn't make me LOL, but it may others. I don't feel the need to spam or expire it though, i'll just move on to the next thread, quite simple really!:-D And BTW Franbo, I Iiked your other avvy better

    Mmm, I feel a change coming on...


    I'm not sure I like the word "bum" in my post...l think I prefer the … I'm not sure I like the word "bum" in my post...l think I prefer the original term for "buttocks"!! LOL!

    I agree. Perhaps we can get a petition going?

    erm..on second thoughts, that doesn't sound quite right... :oops:
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