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    hi going away soon to france, what about euros would i be best to change money before i go if so where? or just take my debit card and use the holes in walls?


    Unless you are with nationwide don't use cash machines.

    Try cheque centres ltd, if you have one near you.

    I couldn't believe it as I always thought these places were a rip off but they were the cheapest I found about a year ago, thats including the post office and M&S.

    Check their rates here.…asp

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    im with barclays i think there are some machines i can use abroad without getting charged??

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    thanks so would it be best to use my debit card if i dont get charged

    just had a quick look at euro prices, cheque centres still better value

    CC: 1.322
    PO: 1.222
    M&S: 1.213

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    just had a quick look at euro prices, cheque centres still better … just had a quick look at euro prices, cheque centres still better valueCC: 1.322PO: 1.222M&S: 1.213

    thank but i dont think ive got one near me

    Debit cards abroad costs

    These tables demonstrate that you get more for your money when you use your Barclays debit card to buy things overseas than if you change your money before you travel.

    Remember, you can use your card just as you do in the UK to buy food, groceries, clothes and gifts and pay for entertainment and eating out. Memorise your PIN, or change it to something more memorable before you travel as you may not be able to use your card in some places without it.

    Shops and restaurants abroad may give you the option to pay in local currency or Pounds sterling when you use your debit card. To ensure you are not charged excessive commission, we recommend you pay in local currency so that we handle the currency conversion for you. We use favourable wholesale exchange rates and only include a 2.75% fee to cover our handling costs.

    Euro Foreign currency value of Sterling
    and one-off charge
    Sterling Value Cash/TCs in UK¹ Purchase² ATM withdrawal³
    £50 €70.04 €71.48 €69.34
    £100 €140.08 €142.97 €140.11
    £150 €210.12 €214.45 €210.16
    £500 €700.40 €714.84 €708.41

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    thanks for the help i think i will take my card

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    thank you hope it dont rain

    Indeed, have a good one, don't worry about rain though, the bars will shelter you.


    No brainer, free card withdrawls everywhere. Decent rate.

    be very careful my mate got scammed by cash machine abroad try n use one thats inside or attached to a bank
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