Holding a washing machine hose in place so it can drain.

Found 15th Feb 2015
I have fixed my machine however the was never any attachment on pipe or hose so problem now is when it goes to drain the pressure pulls it out of the pipe because theres nothing to hold it, I notice previous tenant held it in with black tape but I dont think this is best solution and it may still come out.
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there is a U shaped bit in this kit, I would have thought it would hold. Or try duct tape
under sink connection for waste?, usually a jubilee clip will do. (like in the kit mentioned above).
Not too difficult surely?

A piece of string would do the job.;)
We have an under the sink connection and it works fine
Cable tie
I have no idea how a cable tie would work since the pipe under the sink is larger than the bose same for jubilee clip unless I put a small hole in the large pipe and run the cable tie through that.

The reason why its like this is the way its run, I have it going downwards then back up(I have no idea if just running it over than down is a good thing, so the slack on the cable pulls it a little out, its normally fine when the machine is pushed back against the wall but I have about half a foot hose and no more in the pipe so unless I just extended the hose a foot or two I would need to have some way to hold it in place.

Will try with gaffer tape but prefer to have a more long term way of doing it such as a spigot.
Jubilee clip
I use brown tape. lasts for years.
Well l will give it a go next time as is since I have pushed the machine as far back as I can so shouldnt have much slack.

Only issue now is my lino or whatever it is has gotten a little creased, I wonder if I can steam it flat?
You need one of these http://www.mrappliance.com.au/WebRoot/ecshared01/Shops/mrappliance/4C6D/AEE6/7422/A507/2CE0/C0A8/D240/1801/0180200001.jpg
Clipped on like this http://i.ytimg.com/vi/J77w7ajDGbw/maxresdefault.jpg
They have a point where you can screw them to a wall if you think pipe will jump out
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