holiday 2011 where to cuba, usa, Jamaica, which one?

    hi looking for a holiday next year dont mind when was looking at the above but unsure which?
    is there any good deals?
    which would be the best to go? never been to any of these,
    please give you options thanks


    Do you fish?

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    no i dont

    USA - Love it
    Jamaica - Disliked it
    Cuba - Really want to go

    Cuba is really great. Fishing is awsome there.. But worth going either way.

    Florida Keys is the best though.

    We went to Cuba a couple of years ago, it was amazing best holiday we have ever had. If you do go make sure you visit Havana. We did 3 days in Havana and 10 days in Varadero.

    If you want to know anymore feel free to ask.

    we were in cuba in June best holiday ever I loved it and cant wait to go back!

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    thanks people
    how cheap is it in cuba?

    Cuba / Jamaica - Hurricane season Jun - Nov

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    Cuba - would like to go
    USA - good time had
    Jamaica - brilliant (including the hurricane halfway through the hols!), but aggressive requests for tips (they don't wait for you to offer a tip, they ask)

    done all three of those places but i can only say Mexico was the best by far!!!!! if you want to relax and be treated like a king thats the place to go...............we also did a few days at a place called Xcaret in Cancun best trip ive ever done the swim through the caves was amazing...................
    but this is my own opinion and mexico was recomended to me from other people that had loved going there.........

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    just come back from egpyt and they bad for tips, hand out english....

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    was told to la,vegas,san f, gran can,

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    cuba sep 2011 £495 7nights but good to go then?

    People are not pushy for anything in Cuba in fact they were a little too laid back for me, I wanted to buy something from a stall and the person in charge just sat there chatting and drinking, it was annoying but fab at the same time as we normally go to African countries on holiday and everyone is so pushy there! It is rainy season but the rain lasts for a few minutes and its usually in the evening anyway.

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    i just got back from sharm in egpyt loved it but very very pushy and rude if you say no
    thanks for the advice

    but is this cheap? or good etc for cuba


    We are thinking of cuba next year also

    Cuba is amazing, would definately recommend

    I paid £2400 for 2 weeks AI in Cuba varadero for 2 adults 2 children we went in june hth
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