ahhhhhhhh i dont know where to go in the summer. A group of the lads have all decided that we want to go somewhere like magaluf.... but not magaluf. Zante keeps on popping up as an idea, we don't really want to go to Ibiza. I just wondered if anyone has had any good or bad experiences of these types of holidays........?


    all depends what you're looking for?

    zante is the nuts mate group of 10 went before 18 to 24 but 25 of us went magaluf!

    Why do you have to go anywhere? Sometimes staying where you are can be a better holiday.

    Hahaha I went to Lloret De Mar last year in September as a joke!! We booked it on a whim the night before, cost £150 for flights and accommodation for 5 nights and it was hilarious!!! Lloret is grotty (and we full well knew that!) but for a funny girly few days away it was great! I've been to Magaluf (we stayed quite a distance from the actual "strip" but we ventured there a couple of times) and Ipsos too... Out of the two I'd recommend Ipsos simply because it's hotter and a LITTLE less rough... but only go if you want a typical lads holiday 'cos it is chavtastic!!!!!

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    Why do you have to go anywhere? Sometimes staying where you are can be a … Why do you have to go anywhere? Sometimes staying where you are can be a better holiday

    Last time we'll be able to do something as one big group before everyone goes away to university and moves away etc. And because England sucks...

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    all depends what you're looking for?

    Lads holiday.... but a group of girls might come too...

    ayai napa mate, will be the biggest place this summer

    Magaluf = Shagaluf
    Ibiza = Great times

    With the euro being such poor value, you should consider thailand, I know it will cost around £400 to get there, but once you are there living is dirty cheap.

    or vietnam, currently there atm , a bottle of vodka is only 70p! and as ive found out the health care isnt to bad either lol!

    Thailand and Vietnam are great shouts but if you're looking for somewhere closer to home for good value then Turkey or Bulgaria are you're best bets.

    I was in Kos, Greece last year and it was packed with young ladies but it was quite pricey for drinks in the clubs with a Vodka Red Bull costing 6 Euros.

    Ibiza OMG that holiday was the nuts!!!!!

    but it was the pesata(sp) when i went so dirt cheap

    Ayia Napa all the way.
    1st went there in 2000 and have been the last 2 years, once in 1st week october and last year in August.
    You will have the time of your life m8.
    Let me know if you consider it as i can give ya lotsa tips and advice on hotels.
    Might be worth speaking to micoo too as i know he went last year.

    I also went to Bodrum in Turkey which was quite good and has been said, a good choice for a cheaper holiday.
    Had all the clubs/bars (including a nightclub aboard a huge catamaran) but Napa is way better in my opinion
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