Holiday Abroad - 15th-27th April, For 1 Week, Any Location

    I am RUBBISH at finding holiday bargains, i normally pop into the travel agents, they see "mug" wrote on my face, and i come out with a holiday costing a bomb! Anyway, purse strings need tightening, and i am more interested in doing flights sep. instead of a package to save funds.
    Criteria is:

    Must be back with as much give for the 27th as possible.
    Holiday for a week/10 days.
    1x3 yr old.
    Flying from Newcastle/durham Teesside.
    Child friendly.
    Good reviews.
    Good weather.

    And a shorter flight, and shorter transfer would be better if available.
    I have no budget, cheapest.

    Many thanks for help guys


    teletext holidays or icelolly. google the sites , they are one of the best out there

    Ive found booking seperate doesnt save a lot, if anything. Ill have a look on Thompson site later see what comes up for you. Looks like an expensive week. I priced up Salou for you as an example. It was over £1000. Same holiday in Oct was a lot less. We usually go in Oct and get a bit of Sun. Are you flexible on dates? Have a look at some off these as an example. The shop will match the price.

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    No not flexible on dates, need to back on 27th to catch a different flight out of the country for work. Appreciate you looking.

    You'll be lucky to find a bargain for those dates, they are school holidays for a lot of areas, and if you saw the report on BBC breakfast you'll know just how much the prices go up when the kids break up.

    Im also looking for a holiday but for end of may and also its kids holiday's the prices are ridiculous. for just two adults to tenerife its just short of a grand good luck with finding one.
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