Holiday Abroad for Large family

    I have a large family, i have 5 boys and 1 girl and there is myself and my husband. Is there anywhere hotel wise that caters for this amount of people in just one room??

    I want to price up roughly the cost and maybe save towards a holiday abroad with my brood, although will be hubby, myself and just the 5 boys as my girl doesn't currently live here.

    Any help would be appreciated, it makes it hard as well as we dont drive so harder to get to destinations of private villas etc as they tend to be tucked out the way more.


    Yes. Surprisingly cheaply too. I just got back from a break in Switzerland over the New Year period and we stayed in a family room at the hotel La Tour d'Ai in Leysin. The top floor was split into two rooms - the one we stayed in had nine beds - believe it or not. Cost us 200SFR a night, (1000SFR for 5 nights) under 500 pounds. Getting there is fairly easy, we drove, but there is a train that climbs the mountain to the village.


    They speak English if your French isn't too hot.


    Breakfast included. You can always over indulge at breakfast time and make a ham sandwich for lunch! :roll:

    ]Couple of pics, one of the room, one of the view from the belcony

    Would recommend for a skiing holiday at this time of year (under nines ski free) or a summer break in the mountains. Geneva, Montreux, Lausanne easily doable for a day trip. Roads (even after snow are well maintained.

    Hope this helps.

    Where were you thinking of going? What is your budget? When were you thinking of going?
    I think there will be . Like a 2 bed studio apartment will sleep upto 8 people. Give expedia a try.…spx

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    Thanks going to look at expedia, wanted to go somewhere just like Spain, Algarve not to far away as my children range from 22mths - 10yrs old and i have 2 with medical problems being ADHD and Autism so couldnt cope to much with a long flight!!

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    Still going to need 2 rooms via Expedia, just went to and i got "Please specify at least 1 but no more than 6 travellers." Ok now remind me why did i have so many children lol

    It sounds like you need an aparthotel where they have apartments with multiple bedrooms but the complex still has the normal facilities of a hotel. I can't imagine you're going to fit 7 people in a hotel room anywhere.

    sorry when you said large family i was gonna suggest a health farm ;-)

    Can sympathise.
    On line booking and computers have too many rules, you are better speaking to a human. Otherwise computer says does not compute.!

    I wanted 1 room for 1 my wife, a 3 year old and a 9 month old and myself in November most online sites came up with 2 rooms. I know my wife is petite and can share a bed with kids. Twin sharing was fine but Computers kept saying No, will not fit.

    Ended up chatting on line thru holiday inns interactive web help with someone called Ed who contacted hotel manager in real time and confirmed it was acceptable.

    Pity you did want long haul could have suggested suitable places in Peurto Gallera Philippines or else where in Asia.

    Good luck.

    I've booked to go to the Jupiter Hotel in Alcudia, majorca for the second time. My daughter also has ADHD and I wouldn't take her anywhere which requires a flight of more than 2 hours. Although there are only 5 of us in total we have a family room and I'm not sure if it would accomodate all of you though. Try First Choice. It is a large complex and my kids loved it last time. It's all inclusive so a little more expensive than self catering or half board but I only spent £30 in spends last time I went. Type it into google for a look.

    You can get 3 bedroom apartments in some places.

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    Brill thanks for all the advice, keep it coming. Will also look at that hotel pwag!!

    Just had another idea! Many hotels offer rooms with interconnecting doors. That could be worth a try.:thumbsup:

    We went to spain last year as a last minute holiday got the cheap ryanair flights about £180 for 4 then found the portonova apps in parma nova majorca well cheap was given a 2 bedroom sleeps 6 for about £380 for 8 days this was in september at the end of the kids holidays kids missed 2 days off school. The prices on the website now are not so cheap but if you wait till the last minute you will get the deal.…htm

    We have 4 kids - hotels are just plain expensive - GDawes is right - computer says no all the blinking time

    What we have done in the past (and preferred) is to book a Eurocamp static caravan - much more freedom than hotels - but you do need a car for most of them - France isn't too bad a drive and good in summer. Still will cost a few bob

    Also look at the Sun £9.50 hols in UK - good idea for a 4 day hol at easter or autumn half term. What with 7 or 8 or you, you should get a 3 bed caravan…ot/

    Best of luck - BTW - if you find a good place - let us know - might be wanting to do same / similar

    How about somewhere like] this? Check out this comment from the guestbook:

    The house was a pleasure to stay in with large and spacious bedrooms so … The house was a pleasure to stay in with large and spacious bedrooms so plenty of space for our belongings. We did not have a car but everything was within walking distance and there was plenty to do. All round, a very enjoyable stay and I would highly recommend it to friends and family. (C.M. - Norfolk)

    ]This one looks well equipped for the children

    Families/couples preferred
    Sorry - no pets allowed
    Not suitable for childrenNo smoking at this property

    Seems like no kids in this one ?


    Families/couples preferredSorry - no pets allowedNot suitable for … Families/couples preferredSorry - no pets allowedNot suitable for childrenNo smoking at this propertySelf-cateringSeems like no kids in this one ?

    Yeah, I noticed that but they say they have a cot available, mention the kids pool twice and have a photo of kids in the pool. :thinking: One possibility I suppose is that since they've revamped, they don't want kids anymore and all that info has been left by mistake.

    What about a dormitory? Cheap and cheerful..

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    T-J they look good, will look into both of them and ask for more details!! Would love to take my kids abroad as i havent before and i think they would love it.

    There are plenty more on that site, I did a search for:

    Spain>7 occupants>Near beach>"Car not necessary"

    and] this is what I got (not all fall into the "Car not necessary" category though! :thinking:) . You could enter your own search requirements to find exactly what you're looking for. We booked ]this bungalow last year and we're off to ]Spain this year with our handicapped son and his younger brother.

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    You used this site a couple of times then?? Just so i know its safe etc etc


    You used this site a couple of times then?? Just so i know its safe etc … You used this site a couple of times then?? Just so i know its safe etc etc

    Yep, everything went OK last year. Holiday Lettings is just an advertising agency for property owners, you actually book directly with the owner and I have to be honest, I'm not sure what (if any) measures are in place to protect the clients. :oops:
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