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    Me and my girlfriend are looking to go to Egypt, sometime in June to Sharm El Seikh.

    We want to book a package holiday, as for the first time we will be sure to book excursions, and they will be slightly different from any usual booze cruise type trips, so we want the peace of mind by going with a package tour operator, getting a rep etc...

    We have been searching Thomson, Thomas Cook, First Choice mainly, most of these sites claim that from tomorrow prices will increase. It's to much of a rush to book today, so can anyone guess from experience how much these prices go up? If at all - or is it just a marketing ploy?

    Finally, apart from those mentioned above, can anyone recommend any other sites to search package holidays?


    I would say that it's a marketing ploy,to try and get folk to book early.

    Maybe they will go up a tad,I don't really know, but it's your holiday that you are paying your hard earned for and you want it to be right,so don't rush to book until you know what it is you want. is a good place to start for prices,they look at a great deal of tour operators so you get a good idea of price.Often the same holiday with one can be much cheaper with another operator.

    Trip Advisor is also worth a look to get the low down on the resort and accommodation you are looking to stay at,independent views from people that have gone etc.

    Not been to Egypt myself but Mum went in October(Nile cruise and Luxor) and had a fab time.....her friend did all the booking etc so not sure who she went with though.

    Have a fab time!:)

    I have just book a 2 week holiday to Sharm in June with XL for the package we wanted in was over £400 cheaper than both Thomson and First Choice.

    XL's excursions seem to be more expensive but you can book these through Thomson or wait until you get there.

    Hope this helps

    i've just booked for 2 weeks in sharm in june with thomas cook (booked late last week) price was under £1100 for the wife and i all inclusive. got a price online with thomas cook and then popped into the shop who beat that price.

    I now book the holiday myself over the internet (flights, accomodation etc) - SO much cheaper than the travel agents. Also, not sure if you can do this for Egypt, but I also book excursions where possible before we travel, direct with the excursion companies.

    When going through Travel Agents you're paying more to cover staff costs, when booking excursions you're paying more becuase the companies give a commission to the hotel/tour guide.

    It means having to trawl through the internet for a night or two, but it's worth it if i can save money! (More for me to spend on beer!:giggle:)

    If you can go last minute (or at least wait til very close to the time you want to go before booking) you might find you can get better prices. My friend went to Egypt last minute last year and got a really good deal, so maybe consider that if poss.


    Booked with them many times before and they have some great prices. Also used XL as posted and they are great too.

    I went last year, cost just over £220 for end of march, got it from teletext - stayed in a diving school hotel so wasnt too noisy or misbehaving going on - but it also was about 20 metres from the main road in na'ama bay where all that goes on

    excursion wise you can haggle the locals down if you feel happy to use local people

    i think for £25 you could get a coach trip to Cairo (travel there during night and travel back next evening) which included tour guide for the day and lunch and nile cruise and trips to pyramids,sphinx and egyptian museum

    we decided to get the same thing but a flight to cairo which cost £100 - although air egypt and their airports were a nightmare! the guide we got was awesome tho, perfect english and knew everything there was to know about their history and each pharoah - we even got time to rug shop and all that kinda nonsense
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