Holiday Destination help

    Right I have narrowed down my Holliday plans for the second week in september

    Have the following places in mind


    Has anyone been to any of the above? Just looking at some feedback before I make my final decision!



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    Oh yeah anyone know what the weathers like at any of the above in september : )

    I have been to Zante many times and Ayia Napa once.
    Ayia Napa is alright if you like clubbing and sunbathing . Zante is a good all round holiday because you can explore the island and get around a lot more. Both of these destinations will have good weather for September. Tsilivi is a nice resort to stay in at Zante.

    Been to Lloret de Mar in September - okay during the day but colder at night.

    I'm sure we took the train to Barcelona one day and it was fab.

    Best of luck choosing:thumbsup:

    I guess it really depends on the type of holiday you're after.
    With my family, I've been to Lorett, didn't like it and not much there.
    Santa Susanna was better, but again not a lot there.
    Calella was quiet but nice, better than the two above (can recommend the Calella Palace Hotel).
    Ibiza, depends where you are staying, but some good holidays to be had.

    Santa Sussanna and Callella quite quiet, although we (parents, me, 7 year olad and gran) went last august and had a really nice time.
    Aya nappa at the other extreme madness, definately for the clubbers.
    Sorry never een to Zante but greece is probably best for the weather at this time.
    ibiza depends where you are going.

    that probably doesn't help but it might.

    choose anywhere thats NOT euro


    calella a 5hithole train to barcelona runs along beach front
    ibiza good great if you in 20's


    choose anywhere thats NOT euro

    +1 :thumbsup:

    But hope you have a great time :-D

    go to Margate! hahaha

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    Thanks Guys, The only reason costa brava was in there was the day trips to Barcelona.

    I'm still in my 20's, Just, although the reason for going away is to celebrate my 30th, although just me and my missus going : )

    Anyways rep left to evryone for the advice, although still have no idea what to do : (

    Ayia Napa all the way!!!!

    I'm going in 6 days woohoo!!

    This'll be my 4th time and love it.
    According to the bbc the weather is going to be in the 90's when i arriver next Wednesday - can't wait

    It depends what sorta holiday you want.
    In Ayia Napa you CAN have a mad clubbing holiday or a quiet relaxing holiday or a combination of both.
    Most of the youngsters will be gone by September but it wont be empty.
    I went in the 2nd week of October last year and it was still fairly busy. Some of the clubs were still open, (Car Wash and Castle club etc) so there's still plenty to do.
    Weather will be hot and the water will be lovely n warm

    EDIT* Just read your post above.
    I'm going with the mrs and we love it.
    She's 30 n im 35 (but think im 18 lol).
    If you do decide to do Napa, let me know if you wanna know about any of the hotels.
    We're staying in the Napa Plaza this year (adults only), as we looked at it last year n it looked really nice. It's right in the heart of the town but set back so you dont hear any noise etc. The main nightlife is about 5 minutes away in the square.
    Can give you a lot of advice about them and restaurants, clubs, bars etc if ya need it
    Also check out this ayia napa forum - ]http//ww…tml

    Wherever you decide to go, make sure you check out tripadvisor for the hotel reviews
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