Holiday help or request :) 1st december til 8th

    Looking for something short notice for me and girlfriend to get away from work..

    something xmasy..e.g germany xmas markets etc.

    or just something cosy and a bit romantic....some sort of hotel near a canal so we can go for walks etc etc. (have no idea where this sort of place is hehe but its always in the movies!! :D)

    transport is the bitch as we have no car atm - it died.

    trains/planes...the usual

    Thanks for any ideas.


    Hi you should look at air ryan they were doing flights for a penny :-D

    Original Poster

    slight note..

    doesn't have to be for the entire time etc.

    just a few days would be fine!

    as creative as you can

    if you do a good job you win a xmas prezzy!!

    Alton towers hotel? chocolate room always took my fancy...

    I took my bf away to Dublin-would be excellent for xmas shopping & atmosphere.

    LAPLAND!!! All girls love xmas!

    A warm cosy hotel like you've suggested sounds lovely-maybe a holiday cottage miles from anywhere? mmm

    Good luck! and can you pass your idea on to my fella please!!!!

    I'd luuurrrvvveee to go to lapland


    I'd luuurrrvvveee to go to lapland

    same here thats why I suggested it!! lol, I wish!!

    Ring this no tomos and ask for Mandy, she'll find ya something 0845 308 9226.

    hotel near a canal so we can go for walks etc etc ?

    sounds like you need to may be take a look at amsterdam

    amsterdam has lots and lots of canals and is very nice this time of year

    ps ... and lots of red lights ;-) lol

    whare ever you go have a nice time !:thumbsup:

    i was going to suggest amsterdam too.. very easy to get to. Hour flight, then catch the train from the airport direct to the city centre.

    Original Poster

    only problem is we've just come back from amsterdam (3 weeks ago for a mates b'day weekend) and we always spend too much time stoned :P

    i know for a fact we'd do the same again...

    Coffeeshop..waffles..wok to walk...cofeeshop etc etc

    Gonna look into dublin now

    Anymore ideas would be amazing

    *gonna ring that number if i get chance today.... asking for mandy eh!
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