Holiday ideas required feb 2010

Hi all

My better half is a teacher and we are looking at going away for a week/ten days in feb 2010. luckily the school have agreed to let her have the week before half term off which should hopefully make things cheaper.

so the dates im looking for are from FEB 1ST 2010 and returning around the 8-10th

partner has hinted that she would like eygpt or somewere hot at that time of year but maybe out of the ordinary.

also cant spend to much (hence getting week before half term off) as saving for new house/wedding!

thanks for any ideas


ryanair is very cheap and have growing number of locations


how come teacher can have time off and children cant
doesnt she have enough holidays anyway being a teacher without having time off
guess she only with infants i hope anyway

you can usually get good flight deals just after Xmas. There certainly were some this year.

Assuming you are down south (i live in scotland) you can get some good flight deals to warmer places. Lets be honest, europe in Feb is not going to be warm, so unless you are into rain or snow, Ryanair is not going to do it for you, but they will be cheap. Not sure what your budget is so my top suggestions are to book it all youself closer the time. Good places to go depending on budget.....

Egypt - Sharm has some good deals and is warm. you can get all inclusive deals at half decent hotels around the £3 - 400 mark. No culture to speak of.

Florida - also nice and warm, not so humid and you can get decent fly drives cheap around feb. I would expect to pay not more than £4 - 500 per person plus hotel & shopping money. I would also expect the dollar to have weakened slightly against the pound by then. Plenty to do.

South Africa - cape town -best time of year to go. find a house/villa to rent. Fly drive would cost you around £5 - 600. Fantastic scenery, animals and cheap wine.

Dubai - also warm, can be expensive as flights are cheap but good hotels are not.

Canary islands - if you must ! you can get cheap flights and i dare say cheap hotels too.

Original Poster

thanks for help ian

she is quite keen on egypt not somewere i would think of myself

best to wait until after xmas?

thanks again
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