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    Hi folks

    I know a lot of you are experienced travellers so I thought I'd ask for some information and advice regarding holidaying in Paphos. We've got the chance of a friends apartment with pool but want to make sure it's a decent enough place to go before we commit. Is Cyprus a nice enough place, is there plenty to do? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.


    Lovely I've been to Ayia napa, nissi beach and protaras and we never got bored Have a fab time x

    cyprus is a brilliant place to go, i have been to protaras, ayia napa and paphos, paphos is a nice place if you like scenery, it isn't the most lively of places though but still lovely weather, nice area, and the locals are nice too hope this helps

    I've been to Paphos and Larnaca - both seem to have most stuff you want whether it's sun and beach or interesting sights and scenery. Paphos has a world heritage ancient site. Good restaurants. Plenty of English spoken but not so as to lose local character. Loads of opticians in Cyprus if you need new specs! Good diving there, which is why we went - for hubby to have to take air on his back so that he can breathe ( madness IMO).

    Kato Paphos Archaeological Park right next to the harbour is nice to explore. There are lots of ancient mosaics in perfect condition to admire. And also go and see the castle fort which has a big lighthouse at the top. You have to climb a lot of slippery steps to get up there but its well worth the view!
    And also the Bird park. Its got lots of parrots and emu -ostritches and a snake house. You can get around Paphos on the buses as they are very cheap and run regularly. I stayed on a banana plantation when i was there by the sea near coral bay. Its a really chilled out place. I hope you have a great time:)

    Beautiful place.
    Been 3 times n going back in August, plenty to do.
    Make sure you do a boat trip or 2.
    There's also the old ghost town of famagusta which you can now go to i believe.
    Lovely beaches too

    Ok, just to add another voice to this. We went to Cyprus when I was 16, and stayed in Paphos. I hated it to be honest. I loved the archeaological sites, and loved going out on 2 trips on boats. But the rest of it I found so dull.

    It depends on what kind of holiday you like. If you like lieing on a beach then great. But it's so not my kind of place

    My Family are from North Cyprus and I believe it's paradise.

    The great thing about Cyprus is it has the best of both worlds, with tropical paradise up north and a much more modernised world down the south.

    The beaches are some of the best you'll ever come across and the night life can be quite exciting too.
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