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Hi everyone,

I have been discussing with the missus about where to go on holiday this summer and we have both decided that Greece looks like a fantastic place to go to. Preferably we would like to maybe see one of the islands that arent too touristy (if there are any). To be honest my knowledge of Greece is pretty poor :(. So my questions are these?

1. Does any one know of any good package or flight deals to a nice part of Greece (Bearing in mind we would be flying from Belfast in Northern Ireland however a transfer flight to anywhere else in the UK should only cost ~£50)

2. Can anybody recommend a part of Greece that they really loved?

Any advice and info would be EXTREMELY appreciated!

Thanks In Advance!


Most of Corfu is quite spoiled and touristy...I have been to Halkidiki and although it was some years ago i can say the beaches were fantastic..sea clean...oh i want a holiday now!

I went to mainland greece last year...a little place called Sivota, not too sure where it is exactly but im sure you will be able to find some things about it on the website. I thought it was absolutely amazing!!!! Stayed in a hotel owned by Nielson called 'The Retreat' and it really was lovely. I went on an activity holiday there which was fab but I THINK that is the only type of hol Nielson do...could be wrong, anyways the whole holiday with them was amazing and Sivota was a really nice place, I could see Corfu from my balcony and there were daily trips to the islands. Only problem i found is the wasps...dont know if there was just a freak swarm when i was there (september 2008) but at meal times they were VERY annoying, they only seemed to be around food areas but they were all over (as in it wasnt just a nest near the hotel resteraunt). Anyways, I would suggest you look up Sivota...I loved it...hope this helps

(the view looking out to sea from the bay on my last day)

been to quite a few places in greece well the islands not the mainland and my favourite was rhodes, it was lovely

We go to Crete, to a town called elounda, it's a pretty quiet place but there's a few restaurants and bars. It's near the old leper island spinalonga which the book "the island" is based on. I would recommend it, not too busy but not dead.

We went to skiathos apparently its the greenest island. Stunning place.
Stayed at filokalia lovely small place with a few appartments, perfect if you dont want a large resort and english lady does the cooking and runs it.
British bekky too yum.

Original Poster

Thank you everyone so so much for your comments and advice! However now youve made every single one of those options seem too good to be true that I cant decide which place to pursue!!

just do some sure one of em will jump out at you
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