Hi i'm looking to go hong kong on the 11th april - 22nd april next year from manchester, does anybody no any good sites for me to book through as im not having much look at the moment, all help welcome, thanks


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    can anyboy help? thanks

    is your avatar a photo of the Millennium Stadium?

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    ] is quite good

    think they just do flights, i need accomidation aswell, thanks though!

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    is your avatar a photo of the Millennium Stadium?


    package tour may well be cheaper - e,g, virgin hols etc


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    package tour may well be cheaper - e,g, virgin hols etc

    virgin only fly from heathrow! need manchester, thanks anways!

    we went with cathay pacific..hubby booked it for honeymoon...booked thru a travel agent but thats who we flew with anyways.

    i stayed at newton kowloon hotel

    got a good rate as a mate of a mate worked there, but i don't think it's too pricey.

    nice clean hotel - as you'd expect in HK

    decent location, close to greenery, also a nice stroll from the middle of kowloon shopping district -

    lovely city - very safe - wish i was back there!!!

    BTW - we got flights through courtney airsavers 0191 5108088

    got new year-ish flights INCREDIBLY CHEAP - to both hong kong and bangkok/phuket

    give them a go

    since cathay pulled out i believe there are nomore direct flights from manchester to hongkong, the only direct flights to HKG from UK is from heathrow. But if you dont mind transfers i found Lufthansa very good.

    I heard that if you book through Chinese travel agency, its very cheap. You'd have to go into their store to book though. I never went myself but there probably is one in China town if you live near there.

    We booked through Expedia and stayed in the Carlton ( at the end of Orchard Rd)
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