Holiday in houston

    Mates and myself thinking of going to houston for a holiday next year. Anybody got any pointers or suggestions what we can do. Is colorado too far?


    :thumbsup:Texas is not a state i've been to to be honest. Can tell you that Denver in Colorado is over 1000 miles away so that's out of the question for a day trip isn't it ? [url][/url] will show you the route / distance etc. Have a look at [url][/url] & key Houston into search box. There is some great info on - well everywhere on there & i'm sure you will find some brilliant tips. Have a great time.


    I don't know much about Houston, but if you're down that way Austin is really worth a visit and it's only about 100 miles away. It's a fantastic city with a great live music scene, a lot of very good bars and restaurants too! All the places to go are all within very easy walking distance and if you like Mexican food then try Guero's on South Congress Avenue. If the bats are in town then you can go and see them coming out at night from under Congress Avenue bridge, up to about 1.5 million of them roost there during the summer months and they all come out at dusk every night.

    I'll ask a mate of mine who lives in Dallas for things to do as he's been to Houston a few times.

    My mate said the area in Houston around Rice Village is the best place for pubs and stuff, he's going to ask a guy at work who's from Houston for any tips on what to see and do.

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    cheers for the info
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