Holiday in October / November

    I am looking for a holiday in October/ November available to travel 18th October - 10th November.
    would consider 1 week or 2 week.

    does anyone know where is good to go to this time of year?

    it is for my wife and I, this time we want to go somewhere nice to relax....
    preferably a beach holiday somewhere warm

    we didnt have a proper honeymoon when we got married a year ago so this is to make up for that as we have both had a year of work.

    Can travel from pretty much any airport

    we have £1000 (+ maybe a little more) to spend.

    we had thought about the carribean, but have been told itis not a good time of year to go.

    thank you all very much


    I am going to Egypt (Hurghada) just to chill and relax by the beach - it has its own large preform freshwater pool in November for a week at a cost of £469 per person all inclusive with thomas cook - there is a posting on here somewhere saying you can book one week and get one free now.

    ever thought of Kenya?
    £819 for 7 nights all inclusive Travellers Club
    If you stay fo 14 nights you get a 1 night 2 day safari to the Mulagange elephant santuary.
    I cann't recomend this holiday enough, went there 4 years ago hotel wonderful staff great and the safari well your sitting on abalcony ant the elephants are no more than 10 feet away

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    thanks - i would love to go to kenya will look into this thank you so much

    not that keen on going to egypt, dont know why, just doesnt appeal to me, but thanks for the idea

    all inclusive is just that you pay for nothing, but the best bit is the Tusker beer is free, ask anyone whose been and they will all say it is a v.good beer

    :thumbsup: How about the Canary Islands ? Great all year round weather . I went to Tenerife in December 2005 & the average temperature was 24 degrees. The Gambia is another great winter choice although i have yet to go there myself. All inclusive is ok for some people but do you really want to be stuck in one place all the time ?

    [URL="javascript:Showinfowindow('/holiday/Africa_and_Indian_Ocean/Kenya/Travellers_Club/booking_index.html')"][COLOR=#0000ff]Travellers Club, 3*[/COLOR][/URL] Mombassa Standard Room 7 ALL 27Aug- 29Oct[URL="javascript: goSecure('ob/x1root?TRNTPD=BC03&TURRFD=N10905&dptdtd=030907&nrntsd=7')"][COLOR=#0000ff]£745[/COLOR][/URL]£148 (27Aug) thiss offer is with Kuoni on ]http//ku…om/

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    thanks fern - you're very nice to help us like this


    thanks fern - you're very nice to help us like this

    no problem everyone deserves a good holiday dont forget where ever you go
    SLIP on a hat :-D SLAP on suncream:-D

    How about Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt or Dubai? October/November is the end of the hurricane season so maybe thats why someone told you that it's not a good time to go to the caribbean.

    A friend of mine went to the Gambia in November last year and loved it and highly recommended it.

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    thanks engadine. do you speak romansch? the engadine connection!


    thanks engadine. do you speak romansch? the engadine connection!

    No worries, no I don't. This Engadine is a suburb of Sydney, stay there when I go to Australia:)


    How about Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt or Dubai?

    Here's a Sharm el Sheikh deal in nov from Flight Centre, great price so I'm thinking about it myself…499
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