holiday in UK (maybe Lake District) Any recomendations?


    Can anyone recomend somewhere in the UK for either a long weekend end or a week we live in the East Mids now & have never been to the Lakes so was thinking of that?

    Anyone know anywhere to stay up there we have a 1 year old girl now so are looking for self catering really and anytime between now & half way through March.




    Theres loads of places to go in the Lakes, the obvious one is Windermere (Bowness to be exact) although thats a little touristy these days (not always a bad thing though, depending on what you're into). Theres plenty to do, especially for the kids (she would probably love the beatrix potter museum there?)

    Not exactly cheap though, although it'll probably be a bit quieter at this time of year so perhaps a bit cheaper. I've stopped at a few of hotels there, two of which overlooked the lake itself which were fantastic, And a third about half a mile up in the middle of nowhere.

    Although typical prices for decent hotels by the lakes are about £100 a night.

    Hope that helps a little.


    Or, the other idea would be to look at Centre Parcs, its a little north of where you were probably looking for, but not too far. Four night stays about £250 depending on what you're after!

    I'd suggest South Devon (where I live!), loads of beautiful places to stay around here, and weather is always nice. Cornwall is also very nice, especially towards St Ives, Lands End.

    I used to live in Leicester and the journey down to here is quite nice & easy too.

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    Thanks for the replies, I work in Leicester now - we've been to cornwall and devon quite a lot & now we live a bit further up just thought we would try somehwhere diferent but I guess the weather is likely to be a bit shoddy. going camping in the summer but wanted somewhere to use the last of my holiday days up before April.

    From what I've seen so far it is pretty expensive around the lakes but a lot of people are offering long weekends or midweek offers so might go for it still.


    Do you have a top budget?

    I stay in the Lakes every other month because we have family there and also love it!

    I can recommend the following:
    It's a bit off the beaten track but very child friendly, has a bar and does food - not that far a drive from anywhere - only tip don't book the 2 bed lodge as they are rubbish but the rest are great - I always arrange a Tesco delivery and phone them to let them know it will be coming. Staff are great and very helpful.
    These do loads of lovely cottages in the lake district at a very reasonable price and they do short breaks.
    These also do nice cottages but only do short breaks a couple of weeks before.
    These are fantastic and cottages are top class- plus you get a free membership for lesuire club in windemere - but well worth the money. We stayed at Rose Cottage and could have stayed forever - although off the beaten track very beautiful.

    If you go make sure you visit:

    Beatrix Potter

    South Lakes Wildlife Park you get to hand feed giraffes and penguins totally brilliant.
    Get a old steam train, then get the boat and have a wander around windmere and get the boat and train back - much easier than parking in windmere.

    You will fall in love with the place - make sure you take some bread to feed the ducks and swans at windmere.

    Hope this helps
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