Holiday Inn / HOTELS in MANCHESTER questions!

    Going to see radiohead this Sunday. Need a hotel for the Sunday night, as cheap as possible for 4 people.

    Got a holiday inn at £70 not far at all from the venue, and city centre. So would be perfect. However only rooms they have are double, 2 adults and 2 children.

    Is it easy to sneak people in?! I.e. would they blink an eyelid at say two of us checking in (after booking one of these rooms with a footon) and then the other 2 lads walking in 15 minutes later to the room?

    Other alternative is some other hotels for £70 which sleeps 4, or £55 for travel lodges in ringroads.


    I stayed in an apartment in Manchester when I went to see the Foo Fighters earlier this month, its a bit more pricey but MASSIVELY worth. The one we had cost £100 and had two double bedrooms, big bathroom, full kitchen and a sitting room with a TV and freeview, very well decorated and knocked spots off any hotel I've stayed in for the price. I booked up via [url][/url], we stayed in the one called 'luxury waterside apartments' in the search results below, which is full on that Sunday, but I would recommend any of the ones rented through 'City Serve Apartments'


    Holiday inn in Manchester East has a family room that sleeps 4 for £65 for the night you want. plus includes breakfast for 4 of you. About 6 miles away from your venue,
    I personally don't think I would chance trying to sneak 2 more in a room, as would be worried that if found out, you could all be asked to leave.

    wow lucky u going to see radiohead
    shouldnt be a problem getting more people in at all.....
    i know... as have stayed at travelodges like that and we managaed to get loadsa family in...brought their own bedding and chucked em on floor.... really no big deal....

    I wouldn't take the chance of sneaking extra people in.

    i am going to see radiohead on Sunday as well and am staying at the innkeeper lodge in Stockport(about 7 miles from Manchester £15 in a taxi) they have 2 twin rooms at £110 all in that includes a continental breakfast.
    Cant't wait for the gig anyone know who the support is?

    Try the Britannia near picadilly - they do single rooms from £45
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