holiday on budget US and canada

    Hello to all the lovely and helpful HUKDs community members,

    I need your help in finding a holiday on budget for 2 adults, a 3 years old and a 1 year old for any London airport.

    I am flexible with dates going all the way to April or may 2017.

    my original plan was new York (due to free accommodation as a family member lives there) spend a week there and that fly to Toronto spend 2-3 days there and head back home.

    I have tried searching myself but I will appreciate your expertise. my budget is around £2000 all expenses I don't know if it's possible.

    thanks again for your help.


    As an example,

    Fly from Gatwick to JFK on 1st Feb,
    Newark to Toronto on 8th Feb,
    Toronto to Gatwick 15th Feb

    Comes out to £406 for an adult.. So you might be able to just squeeze in under £2k.…ome


    Look up Westjet, they normally have really good deals to Canada.

    Contact trail finders. Best uk travel agent by which. My wife and I went to toronto and niagara for 3 nights at each 2 years ago for oct half term. 2 x 4 star hotels, flights from heathrow and transfers cost around £1700. Just for us to book rtn flights was costing around £1600. Give them a try. Also air transat are quite cheap for flights if you want to book flights and hotels separate.

    Also norwegian air gatwick to new york.
    Also a tip if you want to go up the CN Tower. If you have a meal in the restaurant, you get the observation deck free. Check prices on web site. Also a trip to niagara falls is a must.

    Original Poster

    thanks appreciate your help
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