Holiday Problem - Advice Needed...

Booked a holiday for 6 people back in October. Price was £489pp. With Thomson Ski (Crystal Holidays)

Added two more people, on two separate occasions in November. As there was no discount, these people paid a little more at £539.

Paid it all of etc in the Month of November on the due date. Paid two instalments, and on both occasions the amount was as expected, with the prices shown above. On last payment, they confirmed that the balance had been paid.

Come back from a NYE trip today to find a invoice, saying i still have £552 to pay, and to pay it ASAP or it will get cancelled.

Now, the total price has shot up, surprisingly by £552! The additions are supplements for the rooms, and travel supplements.

They are not open today, or tomorrow. Will ring up on Monday and see about this. Are they allowed to do this?! At the time of booking, supplements were not shown in the booking, but surely they can't do this?!

The icing on the cake to be honest. Price has gone down by £50 each on the website now. Also they changed the flight times and airport after we had arranged transport there (would not give us compensation or cover the extra costs)


Not sure of any legalities regarding this, but I would get on the phone to your local Trading Standards on Monday morning and ask them about it. Should be able to get the number from your local council. Good luck.

You must have original paperwork, sounds like they have removed discounts as supplements must be shown on original invoice and also on any altered invoices, they cannot change the price without writing to you and offering you to change or cancel. Take the firm line and don't take any sh*t......I have dealt with Thomson on many occassions and the price is fluid so they can alter it if they want.

i would have said they have broken the contract agreed at the time of purchase therefore they should honor the original contract or chargeback via your card issuer... then rebook at newer price

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Thanks everyone, will have a ring on Monday and give them a moan. No way i'm paying it. £70pp is a lot of money. Rep added for all replies Thanks.

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It turned out to be an error at their end which produced the extra supplements! Don't ask me how, but it was cleared anyway.

After 2 phone calls to departments which both had systems down (waiting 5 mins each) then 30 minutes on the phone waiting and getting it sorted! I have to write or email to complain and try and get the £5 or so phone charges back - after phoning because of their mistake.


Glad it's sorted. :thumbsup:
For the future, always check to see if the company you want to call has a freephone, or perhaps a landline, number listed on ]HERE. ;-)

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Cheer shibi din, i did do that, with a couple of numbers but there was no non geographical option.
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