Holiday suggestions with a baby

I'm thinking of booking a holiday for my wife and myself around October/November time, but this would be our first holiday with our wee one in tow since he was born (he will be just over 1 & 1/2 by then)

It will be our 10 year wedding anniversary later this year, so I was fancying somewhere quite exotic rather than a European destination - I was thinking long haul (maybe the Maldives or Seychelles, etc), but I don't know what the wee one would be like on a flight for that amount of time (or if there would be enough to entertain him once we actually arrived there)

I would also consider Dubai/Thialand, but I think of Thialand as more a studenty-type destination rather than family.

Or is it too much hassle taking the wee one that far, and should we just go somewhere closer to home instead?

Any one got any suggestions for family friendly destiantions that they have been to, or recommendations for tour operators that cater more for family holidays?



Not worth it IMO, the plane rides will be a nightmare, and so will the jetlag for him.

He's too young to appreciate it anyway so it would be wasted. Just go somewhere local and save the pennies for another couple of years and go somewhere special then.

i took my daughter to cuba when she was 18 months old. it was a 9 hour flight and she was brilliant no problems at all plus it only cost us £59 for her as she was under 2 that was the flight and hotel and all inclusive. i would highly recommend you get a good holiday in whilst your little one is under 2 as i returned back to cuba when my daughter was 5 and not only did it cost me £700 just for her but she whined all the way there as she was bored.

check out the caves in Granada in Spain - fabulous for family holiday somewhere a bit different - highly recommend castillejar

In all honesty, with a child that age, you'd probably be better off just going to somewhere like Majorca, or most European destinations.

Long haul is fine, but there's no telling how your little one will be on the flight. We flew to New Zealand with a 4 year old and a 19 month old a few years back. Our (then) 19 month old screamed quite a bit as she didn't like being cooped up. Then, she wriggled off our laps and went to sleep on the floor so we left her there!! She was asleep, we were happy - didn't even wake her when we had to do seatbelts up - we figured she was safer down there!!

But why put your little one throught that, when it makes no odds to them where you are. Unless you are going to stay with friends/family while you are away, it's going to be the same amount of work for you wherever you are. May as well save your long hauls for when they are old enough to appreciate it.

I took my one year old long haul to the caribbean last may, along with our 3 year old daughter. i was amazed at how smooth the flight was. There are screens on the back of the seats and he was quite happy messing with that and watching the simpsons, took loads of crayons for him to scribble with and there was plenty of room in the foot well for him to play in. he was so happy once there and loved playing in the pool and on the beach in the shade, we took him a sun tent and lots of beach toys and he certainly had plenty to do, there was a childrens club also on site.
i wouldnt hesitate to go again long haul and are thinking of going again next year

To be honest, if you have a baby, get yourself to Centerparcs !!!!

Stay in the UK i did 12hours next to a screaming baby, he was only screaming because babies that young can not equalize and suffer .

Leave the wee one with granny!
My niece aged under 2 coped well with a flight to Mauritius last year. Plenty there for everyone to be entertained by. But it will depend on the wee one's temperment - a long flight like that would be a journey from hell if they play up, and there is no escape for you or indeed other passengers.
Can't think of anywhere exotic in the UK but the Western Isles are quiet, have lovely beaches and are great for wee ones to play with freedom.

Just re-read that - for your 10th Wedding anniversary, ditch the kid for a week & just you & the misses get away somewhere nice & hot


Stay at home, both for the sake of the other passengers peace of not hearing screaming kids on their flight for 9 hours, and spend it on a big tv

we stopped at the grand oasis marien in the dom rep. went with thomsons.. HIGHLY recommended .. 2nd time we have stopped in the same resort


To be honest, if you have a baby, get yourself to Centerparcs !!!!


Obviously not ideal since its for your 10th anniversary, but would definitely recommend it.

There is a kids club so you could have some time to yourselves (do some activities or spa or something) and baby would have a great time just using the pool and seeing the nature/going for walks. Wouldnt cost much once you were there. No worries about plane either

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt is a good destination for kids, most hotels have kids clubs to keep them entertained and private clean beaches, and all Egyptians love kids.

i agree with earlier reply get yrself off to centerparcs,great for kids and u will love it to

I've been travelling withmy daughter since she was tiny and she is a great traveller and loves it - if you start them young they get used to it - she asks me how long the journey is and if I say it is a long one she just goes to sleep!!! I would start out nearer to home though, there are some fabulous holidays in Spain, mojacar is beautiful if you are after a beach holiday somewhere beautiful and not as touristy as the usual spots, thats only a couple of hours flying aswell!
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