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    Not really a deal so didn't put it there but thought ppl might be interested in this... Just been researching holiday t shirts for me and my boys, as we are off to Maga in 3 weeks - did a lot of googling and eventually ordered with Rung up their office/shop/whatever and the woman there talked me through ordering online which was good when it's cositng you a fair whack! Anyone else used em or recommend another? Anyone else off to maga?? Look out for us lot with our Top Gun tshirts on!! Quality!! 'Goose 22' on the back :-D


    we are off to maga 30th to 7th....think we just miss u

    how much ur t shirts cost bra?

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    They were £10 each with printing on the front and back, ] holiday t shirts - ours were the Top Gun ones, when you choose your quantity the price updates at the bottom, pretty easy to use. Cheers
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