Holiday to Carib - maybe dominican republic?

Found 29th Nov 2007
Hi all,

I'm looking to book a holiday to the carib - maybe dom rep...

I have been looking at thomson (who seem quite expensive), as well as others such as airtours (which seem alot cheaper)... but can't seem to find any holiday websites that currently have good discount vouchers assocaited.

Would be really nice to book a cheap holiday using a voucher! Thanks!
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We went to Dominican Republic in May this year with Thomas Cook. We stayed at the Costa dorada Iberostar, it was a lovely 5* hotel on the beach, cost us £1,200 all inclusive for two weeks. Shop around and go through Quidco for cashback :thumbsup:
firstchoice do some good deals
dont rule out cuba! i've been there and the dom rep and found cuba alot more fun, everything is really cheap as well, probably cheaper with the weak dollar. plus havana club rum costs a few pounds a bottle, cheapest i've seen in england is £16!
wow first choice do have some stunning last minute deals!
I went to cuba 1.5 years ago. loved it but thought i should try something different. would you not recommend trying dom rep if we've been to cuba then?
got married in jamaica. would reccomend. if you have tesco vouchers you could use them with virgin.
no i really liked the dominican i had an amazing time, just preferred cuba i suppose, probably cause i'm a massive fan of the mojito!
mexico is fab. went for honeymoon stayed at moon palace hotel
argh so many places, so little money :-) so no £100 off a £800 holiday vouchers knocking about then :-P
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