Holiday to Rhodes

    Looking for some help.

    What are the best sites to get a cheap holiday to Rhodes - apart from teletext and icelolly or

    I already tried some of the teletext adverts and as usual they advertise but when you phone that holiday is gone but two days later it's still showing on the website.

    Also what's best in your opinion - I know the date I want to go 30th June and I know there is a flight out from Manchester and Glasgow on that day - do I book now or wait till two weeks before?? I'm not that bothered if we don't end up in Rhodes - just anywhere in Greece.

    I'm generally good at 'bargain hunting' but struggling a bit with this one.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Does no-one use any other good sites??

    Or is there a travel agent amongst us?

    [url][/url] is pretty good, you can either book a standard package or they give you the option to build your own holiday.

    [url][/url] you can book flight only or build your own holiday

    The flight on that date from Glasgow is with XL Airways their site also offers holidays, might be worth taking a look [url][/url]

    As that seems to be the only flight to Rhodes on that day there is a good chance that it will fill up especially as it is the day after our schools break up. If you definitely want to go on that date I wouldn't wait too long.

    Also worth giving a local travel agent a chance to quote on the holiday, they may just find you a real bargain

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    Thanks engadine - very helpful as usual.

    I had a look about and found that even leaving in two weeks time the price is pretty much the same - so I think I'll take your advice and book soon.

    There's a flight to Kos the same night so if I don't find anything for Rhodes I'll look there.

    What travel agent would you recommend?? I'm near bishopbriggs in glasgow?

    Try a branch of barrhead travel I always find them excellent and you can usually barter the price down.
    Check teletext on the tv never had anyproblems with that but loads with the website
    Good luck hope you find what your looking for
    (oh and I would aim for manchester airport cos the english schools won't have broken up yet my sil found it MUCH cheaper to fly from there last year)

    What kind of price are you looking for, I got to Turkey last year for just over £800 for a family of four for two weeks. If your getting prices like that just now I would say book it as it's not going to come down much less.

    try as well for comparisons, and you might want to consider flying out of Newcastle or Manchester, as Jennybubbles said it's outside english school hols whereas it's the start of the Scottish ones so they're costs may be cheaper.

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    Thanks for your replies!

    I'm considering Manchester - but the flight times are bad coming back - 3.25am and 5.55am. Not sure where we could book into at that time in the morning as I doubt we would be fit to drive after a long flight and being up most of the night.

    Turkey is out, husband doesn't like it much, along with other places - needs to be Greece.

    Engadine has given me a contact so I'll try that but your replies and help are very much appreciated.:p are very competative.
    Which resort in Rhodes have you been looking at?
    For the past 4 years we've been going to Pefkos, and there is an msn group…des which holds alot of useful advise.

    Excellent people, and search facility. If you call them with your requirements they will call you back with options.

    They work by having people working from home with computer links, so when you call you get the next available person who is working. Never had a problem with them.
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