Holiday to Turkey


    Anyone know where i can get a cheap holiday to turkey!

    2 Adults
    14 nights (1/7/07)
    From anywhere in the north west
    To Turkey, 7 nights Istanbul & then 7 nights marmaris.
    Flights + Hotel - Self catering



    Great choice of holiday destination (im off to Belek in August )

    I went to Istanbul last year for 2 nights and even though we didnt see as much as I would like I think spending 1 week there would be too much. I think about 3/4 nights would be ok (my opinion). In the 2 days/nights we were there we done most of the sight seeing stuff - Blue Mosque, St Sofia, underground water system (:? ) and the fabulous Grand Bazzar - well worth a day there.

    I went with Anatolian Sky and flew from Manchester with Turkish Airlines which were fine. We then spent 3 days in Side which again is a very nice resort.

    Hope you find what your looking for :thumbsup:

    I'd find what you like the look of in the brochure and ring up Teletext holidays. Ring around and haggle. We always go with them and have never been disappointed.

    The best bit of advice I can give you is don't go to Turkey on holiday.


    The best bit of advice I can give you is don't go to Turkey on holiday.

    Jus out of interest why?

    u had a bad experience?


    Jus out of interest why?u had a bad experience?

    It's a great place for women, just not so good for couples. You'll see.

    I wouldn't recommend Turkey myself - rather high crime rates (my friends had their safe raided THREE times during their stay.) Try Cyprus, better weather, better beaches. But if you really want to go to Turkey, then here we go.

    I'll take a look at the flights later for you later- but, [SIZE="5"]The sunday 8th july, for 2 adults in marmaris for a week at the Club Likya Apts is just £56... BARGAIN!!![/SIZE]

    Oh yes and don't forget your £10 per person to enter Turkey. On arrival at the airport in Turkey you will have to buy an adhesive stamp for your passport and they demand a £10 note. They don't want you to fill in any forms or answer any questions, your cash will do.

    Then hit immigration and they will rubber stamp over the adhesive one.

    I'd have paid a lot more to leave early.

    I'm actually Turkish Cypriot (from north Cyprus) and i've visited Cyprus on several occasions and it's a beautiful island with very friendly people and it's extremely cheap on your pocket.

    I've never been to the greek side (which is the south) but apparantly it's much more developed with again, very friendly people but it's more expensive, so you'll need more spending money but you can cross the border to south and north very easily, so it would be an ideal holiday.

    Anyway, i'm going Turkey in the next couple weeks (bodrum) which the area we're going to is the more expensive tourism area but it's supposed to be really nice with close proximatey to many other enjoyable areas such as Gumbet.

    Someone mentioned that there's a high crime rate in Turkey, which is true but that is completely dependant on the area you visit, as even though London (where i live) is supposed to be one of the best cities in the world, it has very high crime rates in certain boroughs, so don't let that deter you.

    I heard Istanbul is nice but Marmaris comes highly recommended by everyone i've spoken to, so you really can't go wrong there.

    The people in Turkey are extremely friendly (mainly because they don't want to deter tourists, as that's where they receive a large chunk of money) but i won't lie to you, there is some womanising, so try not to let that bother you and avoid fights at all costs.

    The great thing about Turkey is how little spending money you'll actually need, as mentioned, i'm going to Bodrum, which will require more money but hotels are dirt cheap....... i've actually arranged a 5* hotel with it's own beach and comes complete with half board for little over £10 per day per person...... now you can't beat that.

    I've booked flights through Travelcare (co-op) from Gatwick return for £101 per person (call 0161 8722255 to avoid expensive calls found on [url][/url]) and then i arranged the hotel through [url][/url] which is unbelievably cheap (as mentioned £10 per day including half board at a 5* hotel) and you also receive 5% cashback through Quidco.

    Hope that helps and i hope you love your holiday.

    bodrum is very nice ive ben there i used to live in izmir so would recommend that you visit izmir as well as it is very close to bodrum and kusadasi as well enjoy yourself.
    Im sorry to hear that some people have had a bad time in turkey but do we not get that every where.
    ive had my flat robbed each time i go on holiday 5/4 times.
    Turkey is lovely and i love it thats why i am off for 3 months next week.
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