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Found 22nd Jul
I went and asked my manager today about getting sometimes off in three months coming and they turned around and said that basically their no chance me getting it off as their no hour I can be allocated and I don't know what to do help
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Are you serious.
Up to the employer how they arrange leave. If everyone else has booked time off when you want it and they need you there then you can’t have the time off. Be more organised next time.
It's the school summer holidays. Not surprising really. Where I used to work you would've had to apply in January to have even a chance of getting this as holiday.
Ocboer a sumer holiday
Golddust126 m ago

Ocboer a sumer holiday

half term
What does it say in your staff handbook or terms and conditions, what sort of contract do you have, is it a big company with a hr department. More info would help.
I have all my hols in the year before. no way I'm loosing out.
My Mrs puts hers in as soon as she can too.
Most places will refuse holidays down to needs of the business if too many people are off. There will be a number or percentage which are allowed off at the same time.

As to what you can do is ask which dates are available. Theres a good chance it might not be until next year now.
Always difficult for people to get holidays off when kids are off. It’s a nightmare. Those with no kids would also suffer and be made to not get time off in school hols. Really sucks. For next year book off super early ASAP.
I take it you are on the so called "gig economy " ie no employment contract ? Even if you do you have rights to paid holidays (depending on the exclusions in your contract-if you have one ), so look at your contract .

If you ,for instance , work for a seaside holiday park , café .amusement arcade or such it is likely that holidays will not be allowed during the holiday season (kids school holidays) .

If you work for an unrelated company and have recently joined it is likely you are at the bottom of the holiday roster "picking order " and will have to wait your turn to rise up the order .
I booked my holidays in December for the year starting in March. I managed to book Christmas and new year's day off this time!

Wasn't bothered about summer but I'm gonna be off in the second half of August.

You do have to book plenty in advance.

Summer months and Christmas time are gonna be the most requested so you need to be quick.
It is unfortunate but if they can't cover then there is little you can do about it apart from leave. I get the same problem at my place and I've been here 14 years it's always more difficult if you work in a smaller team
I’m lucky I can book at a weeks notice, no way could I book days off a year in advance
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