has anyone been on holiday to majorca in the early part of may or has just recentley come back , please let me know what the weather was like as the forcast doesnt look that good at the mo and im going with my family on the 3rd may


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also everyones telling me to go to the pirate show over there it meant to be fantastic but is it worth the £140 or so its going to cost me for the 4 of us

Majorca is a hit & miss if your going to get good weather at that time, you might have some good days some bad, and it will probably be cooler in the evening regardless.

Ive never been to the pirate show however as a travel agent before i know that it was recommended by anyone who had been, wither or not its worth the cost i dont know but never heard anyone complain that it was too expensive, all coments were positive.
I would say wait till you get there, if theres enough to keep the family occupied and u dont feel you need to go to the pirate show then dont go... but then other might say its unmissable??

Usually find that it's quite moderate at that time of year, 18°c - 30°c

Occasionally rains etc but usually very pleasant.
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