Would anybody pay £1000 for a weeks holiday in june next yr at center parcs,as i dont like going abroad or is it just total madness


    Wow an awful lot of money - how many would be staying as if there is at least 6 of you then maybe not too bad.

    For how many people? Seems a lot but I know Centre Parcs is really expensive anyway.

    wow, we're only paying just over £2k for 2 weeks AI 5star in mexico in July next year. that seems an awful lot of money for a week in this country

    I don't think I would spend that much on a short break at Center Parcs. I have been to various Center Parcs (Sherwood and Elveden) several times and whilst they are nice, a week at Center Parcs is not worth £1,000! I mean that £1,000 is just for accommodation. It does not cover food or activities and believe me, Center Parcs is really expensive anyway. After food, drink and any activities it could easily be another £100 each.

    How many people are going?

    If you enjoy it and can see 1ks worth of value go for it, personally a holiday isnt a holiday unless a flight is involved.

    £1000 for next June? That isn't even summer holiday times, there having a laugh surely?

    No wayyyyy would I pay that. Ive never been there (and at those prices I never will) but theres no way I would pay a grand to stay in this country.

    That money could be better spent, go in a caravan, hire a cottage somewhere or go in a bed and breakfast, it all ends up the same its just somewhere to sleep.

    Look at the alternatives first and dont just go for the obvious.

    It always amazes me how much it costs to holiday in the UK. I know someone who spent over a grand staying at pontins or butlins cant remember which.

    Have you tried Centre Parcs in north Europe - I know its abroad and you say you don't like this, but its cheaper, easy to get to by Eurotunnel or ferry and feels like the parks in England. France is quite expensive but those in Belgium and Holland are much cheaper.

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    Hi its for 3 of us and its a weeks stay not mon - frid-still dear though i know

    which park as sherwood is £419?to £539 depending on accomodation

    unless you go for exclusive lodge

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    its 24th june next yr at longleat staying in a 2bed new style woodland,dont mind sherwood though when r those prices for which u have found by the way

    Why don't you think of just doing the Mon till Friday which should cut it nearly by half. If you get there early on the Monday and leave late Friday it still a nice break.

    I wouldn't, no. I like Centre Parcs but it just too expensive, as said above that only includes swimming, which is great for a weekend, but 7 days i think i would get bored.

    10 days camping in Cornwall is costing us £130 at the end of July, I can swim in the sea, cycle and pay for any other things. Seems a much better deal to me

    wow thats expensive imo , for only 3 pple also , dont forget all the extras on top of that !! as nothing is free when you get there ie -swimming etc , i would have a good look around elsewhere tbh , youve got plenty of time !

    Go to butlins!! much cheaper for this country!! X)

    Seriously though we have some lovely places you could go to instead that are in this country and better value. Shorefield is very nice and you can select the apartment according to your budget - some are fitted with hottubs and saunas! - even the basic are lovely cabins well spaced apart. shorefield
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